TiVo announces Stop||Watch commercial rankings for June


TiVo announced its Top Commercial Rankings for June, as viewed by TiVo subscribers. Categories tracked using TiVo's Stop||Watch ratings service include Top Total Viewing Commercials compared with Total Viewing of Top Programs; Timeshifted Commercials compared with Timeshifted Programs; and Least Fast-forwarded Brand Campaigns. June was dominated by two season finales, House and Boston Legal, in late-May (classified as the June broadcast month), followed by Dateline's interview with Prince William and Prince Harry-all other programming was either re-runs or summer fare.

Since the finale of House had a bigger audience than any other program, the Top 10 commercials all appeared during this episode (unlike April and May, where the Top 10 spots were distributed across numerous programs).
Wendy's Restaurant and AT&T Wireless have each made the Top 10 list two out of three months. While a majority of the Top Commercials on June's list aired in the first or last pod position, it is worth noting that there was a wide variance in their viewership. The list of Top 10 Timeshifted commercials was identical to the list of Top 10 Total commercials, although the order differed. AT&T Wireless is the only brand to make the Top 10 Timeshifted list two months in a row.

The proportion of Timeshifted viewing to Total viewing is quite high for the Top 10 program episodes.  For example, the top show on both lists, the 6/29 episode of House, had a Total rating of 17.7 and a Timeshifted rating of 12.4, indicating that approximately 70% of the viewership was on a Timeshifted basis.
All of the programs that made both lists had greater than 59% of viewing on Timeshifted basis. The 6/13 episode of Dateline, #3 in Total Viewership, did not make the top Timeshifted list, which is consistent with generally low amounts of Timeshifted viewing for news-oriented programming.

A few brands have distinguished themselves by making the "Least Fast-Forwarded" list (all measured networks, daytime & primetime) on multiple occasions: Dominican Republic tourism placed in the Top 5 for both May and June. Tax Masters placed in the Top 10 for both May and June, and OnStar made the Top 10 two out of three months (April and June). In May, three films made the Primetime Top 10, whereas in June Harry Potter was the only movie on the list.

Recall in April, several DR ads made the Top 10 least fast-forwarded list (all measured networks, daytime & primetime), but this was not repeated in May.  In June, a DR ad appeared for the first time in the Top 10 list for Primetime on Broadcast nets, with Bowflex debuting in the #1 position. Pod position did not play a role in whether or not a brand campaign made June's Least Fast-Forwarded list-all campaigns had a normal distribution of pod position rotation.

Last month, TiVo unveiled the industry's first Top Commercial Rankings reports which were generated using TiVo's Stop||Watch service's unique ability to track consumer viewing behavior on a second-by-second basis, in both Live and Timeshifted viewing context.