The Challenge 20-10 technology waits for no one


Welcome back from your holiday and into a new year and a new decade. As I look over my shoulder and view the years from 2000 to 2009 I wonder where that last 10 years have gone and I been have been reminded that all I had to do was look at this computer screen and there are my last 10 years.

RBR-TVBR was once in the print media business (began in 1983 as a monthly newsletter and progressed into weekly and many other print products over our first 19 years) but took the first of many steps back in 2001 through 2009 to move away from what is now called ‘Old Media’ and into ‘New Media’ which is not new.

These steps I can personally state were painful in all areas of business, such as, going from a weekly deadline to twice daily deadlines 6 days weekly. Also, consistently posting news and information on while others took many holidays off from their work.  But we at RBR-TVBR know 24/7 and know what our level of responsibility is. We know if you snooze you lose.

Plus rebuilding a 1995 website which I dismantled in 2004 when nobody could truly advise me not to do so because nobody was paying attention to such small things.

In January 2007 the first iPhone came on the scene and has changed many lives. Not because it was a better mobile device but because they knew how to market to the consumer this new cool device. And look how many improvements iPhone has seen in three short years, with consumers paying $300+ to upgrade their mobile device.  Doesn’t matter if they truly know how to use it but it is cool – well cool is just cool and you have to have one especially if you are walking around any media convention.

2010 and this new decade is branded the “24/7 mobile – social media environment.”

I don’t have to preach to tell you what that means to every business person out there today except if you are not competitive with your brand in today’s internet world you have to catch-up quickly as technology is not waiting for anyone.

Through all the pain in the previous decade I have to say it has been worth it. RBR-TVBR is not old media but we are a 100% internet media information company that reaches throughout the world and connects with anyone that is interested in radio, television, and all media.

RBR-TVBR will not sit on what has been accomplished but we are challenging ourselves to stay at even pace with today’s electronic and internet / social media environment.

Our current Google analytics are mind-blowing to this former PD. I view these stats and again push all in radio and television to develop your local websites as this will be your way to increase value to your operations.

RBR-TVBR will also challenge ourselves to use technology to bring every day to day operator more valuable information to aid in your success. Watch for these features in RBR-TVBR e-papers and here at

So as we begin ‘The Challenge – 20-10’ it will be a pleasure to serve the radio and television media business as we begin our 27th year in business, just as independent and privately-owned as RBR-TVBR was on Day One.

Happy New Year to all
Jim Carnegie [email protected]
Publisher/Owner and Broadcaster for 42 years. 

Ps: If interested to see the challenge RBR & TVBR have undertaken just view our archives it is an experience and education.
RBR archives 2002 to present  and TVBR archives 2002 to present the internet and electronic delivery are remarkable tools.

Plus, I thank the RBR-TVBR staff as this task could not have been accomplished without their belief and commitment in our media and technology. 

Any broadcaster needing a touch of advice on the value of the internet can either drop me mail at [email protected] or give me a call at 813 909-2916. Oh, there is no charge for the conversation.

Remember with the internet: Content is King but ONLY if you Control the Content. Luck and success to all in 2010 and going forward.