Super PAC Makes Radio Splurge for Candidate Cruz


Democrat and RepublicanOne of Wednesday’s big stories relating to the presidential election, is the tasty $1 million radio ad buy that super PAC Keep the Promise has made on behalf of Republican hopeful Ted Cruz. The candidates backers are showing they believe in the value of radio as they plan to make a concerted run with spots through to the end of the year and keep pushing into the primaries.

According to Kantar Media/CMAG Competitive data, Cruz and his PACs allocated virtually all of their broadcast dollars to radio in October and November and have committed to do the same in December.

The initial focus for the sizable ad buy will be in Iowa and South Carolina, which host two of the first three nomination contests and are home to a wide swath of social conservatives Cruz is courting in the GOP presidential race.


  1. I can just imagine the slimy, smarmy little Russian mole’s ads. No policy or anything whatsoever of any substance, just slamming everyone and everything, fearmongering and full of hate. After all, living in Texas, I’ve already seen his ads when he was running for the Senate, and the above was all they were.

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