SiriusXM Subsidiary Launches Synthetic Voice Ads


It’s now owned by SiriusXM, and it is making the AI leap forward in the advertising world by rolling out Synthetic Voice Ads on the self-serve platform designed for small and mid-sized businesses — another potential threat to broadcast AM and FM radio’s sales teams.

The new offering is available on AdsWizz’s AudioGO platform, within the Ad Creative Suite.

It’s the first tool to launch in a suite of offerings that AdsWizz calls “AdsWizz’s AI Ad Tools.”

The new suite of offerings is expected to complement AdsWizz’s broader ad offering by delivering what SiriusXM believes are “cost-effective and efficient solutions to advertisers, with an initial focus on lowering the barrier for entry into the world of audio advertising for SMBs.”

Leading the launch is Chris Record, Senior Vice President of Ad Product, Technology, and Operations at SiriusXM Media and AdsWizz. “With the launch of Synthetic Voice Ads on AudioGO, we are beginning to bring a wider diversity of brands into the audio advertising space,” he said. “We believe we have the ability to support the next generation of entrepreneurs around the world in a unique way, breaking down barriers and allowing advertisers of any size to tap into audio in ways they might not have thought possible.”

Additional Ad Tools based on artificial intelligence solutions are currently being researched and developed by AdsWizz, and future iterations of AdsWizz’s AI Ad Tools may come to life across the broader AdsWizz platform.