Sander: NAB to move swiftly to fill top job


Following last week’s resignation by NAB President & CEO David Rehr, NAB Joint Board Chair Jack Sander assured RBR/TVBR in a Friday interview that the board will move quickly to fill the post and, with many hot issues pending on Capitol Hill, he insisted that NAB staffers and key board members will make sure the industry’s positions are well represented. Of course, we asked what he is looking for in the next leader.

RBR/TVBR has heard comments from people in this industry that run along two lines – either they want a real Washington insider to carry the ball on Capitol Hill, or they want a broadcaster who understands the business from personal experience to make the case in DC. So, what type of person is Sander looking for?

“I think the key is, does someone understand our industry, understand our business and understand our issues. And can they effectively, then, run a trade organization whose primary responsibility is lobbying on behalf of its members?” Sander said.

“We’re going after an A candidate,” the Joint Board Chair vowed. When RBR/TVBR Executive Editor Jack Messmer asked whether NAB would be willing to pay the price tag for a real Washington heavy-hitter, Sander replied that his personal view is, “I don’t think we’re going to let money get in the way.”

Sander said the board will move swiftly to hire a new President and CEO. The Executive Board will meet this week to start the process. Asked about a timetable, Sander said he hoped the hiring would take place this summer, rather than in the fall.

The Joint Board Chair also wants to see more broadcasters contributing to the NAB Political Action Committee. And while Sander applauded the efforts of volunteer NABPAC head Larry Patrick to grow the PAC, he said broadcasters can’t afford to go on being outspent four, five or six times by other organizations whose goals are at odds with those of broadcasters.

The “two Jacks,” Sander and Messmer, hit on quite a number of hot issues for broadcasters and the NAB. You can listen to the 10-minute interview by clicking the audio button on this page.

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