Rick Perry said to be set to hit the airwaves in Iowa


So far most of the candidates for the Republican presidential nomination have been keeping their powder dry and their campaign warchests closed, with the notable exception of Ron Paul. But Paul’s fellow Texan Rick Perry is expected to make a major television splash in Iowa sooner rather than later.

According to the New York Times, Perry’s campaign is not speaking on the record, but at the same time it is indicating that a television flight in the early caucus state is imminent.

Perry’s advertising team is led by long-time associate David Weeks, and is said to include a number of veteran Republican operatives.

Television has been used successfully in the past by Perry in difficult campaigns. The core strategy in the current effort will be to define himself on his own terms, rather than allowing his competitors to frame the conversation on who Perry is and what he stands for.

Ron Paul has been advertising in Iowa, and Republican PAC American Crossroads is said to be planning a flight of its own in the key Midwestern state.

RBR-TVBR observation: In the world of politics, spending begets spending. With Mitt Romney expected to win in his own neighborhood state of New Hampshire, many of the other candidates, particularly on the rightward end of the spectrum, will be looking to establish themselves as Romney’s chief competitor. We expect Iowa will be heating very soon – January 3 is not that far away.