HandshakeGen Media Partners debuts, a new form of online advertising.

The company says it’s attracting large national advertisers and independent local businesses by serving targeted ads to customers who have visited a website.

“This is opening doors directly to advertisers and new agencies, allowing us to introduce radio into their marketing budgets,” says Kevin Garrity, Chief Executive Officer of Gen Media Partners. “It’s an opportunity for us to talk not only to traditional broadcast agencies but also to digital agencies, and to tap into digital budgets. can target ads to specific listeners by geographic area, demographics, income and interests. Officials say it’s an effective digital marketing tool for building audience and TSL by inviting listeners back for specific events, programs, even songs.

Designed by the digital experts at Gen Media Partners, offers strategic marketing support. “There are several different types of retargeting, and we explain the differences and guide advertisers and stations to the strategy that best meets their campaign’s goals and budget,” says Scott Brody, Vice President of Gen Media Partners.