RadioTraks debuts “RequesTrak”


Envision Radio NetworksEnvision Radio Networks and RadioTraks announced the launch of RequesTrak,  a listener engagement service that lets stations gather and keep track of their song requests by using a request widget that displays the radio station’s top requests and gives listeners real-time feedback on when their requested songs are scheduled to play, based on the station’s actual playlist. In addition to automatically logging the data from web requests made through the widget, RequesTrak gives stations the ability to manually log requests submitted via phone, text and email.

Stations are given the option to collect a variety of demographic infon with requests including age, gender, city and more. This data is tabulated into reports of the top requests by day, week, and month, providing valuable insight into your listener base as well as built-in content to personalize requests on the air.

“Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best,” said RadioTraks President and CEO Hal Fish.  “Listeners are going to request their favorite songs and radio stations want to know which songs are their favorites. RequesTrak greatly simplifies this process, while providing engaging web content.  RequesTrak is a must have for stations that do “top request” countdowns.”

Part of the RadioTraks® listener engagement quadfecta,  RequesTrak™ works with all major music scheduling software and is mobile ready, so listeners can let a station know what they want to hear even while on the go.