Radio’s Multicultural Lure, Extended To Podcasting


What reaches more Black and Hispanic consumers each week than any other platform measured by Nielsen? It’s radio, of course.

It’s a key finding in the just-released Audio Today 2019 report on Black and Hispanic consumers, which also includes great insight on podcast consumption.

In fact, Nielsen proclaims, “radio use among Black and Hispanic consumers has never been

That’s likely due to several contributing factors, including limited Urban and Latin Contemporary music options on streaming audio and digital services, along with cost factors limiting consumption of Sirius XM Satellite Radio.

With unique content making radio a key destination for Blacks and Hispanics, Radio is the “largest reach gateway to Black and Hispanic audiences.”

Further, new technologies including smart speakers, voice assistants, and podcasts are making the bond between audio and these listeners even stronger, Nielsen says.

Ninety-two percent of Blacks 18+ listen weekly along with 96% of Hispanics 18+.

Further, roughly 70% of all radio use by Blacks and Hispanics happens outside of the home, with much of that coming from in-car listening.

In the home, smart speaker ownership continues to rise among Black and Hispanic consumers — more than a third currently own one. Listening to radio content on smart speakers is an important part of how they spend their time. More than 60% of speaker owners listen to radio each week on them.

More than half of Black and Hispanic smart speaker owners report streaming more music as a result of owning a smart speaker, and just under half-listen to more AM/FM radio after owning a smart speaker. Monthly podcast use among Blacks and Hispanics has doubled over the past five years, with news and comedy being the most listened to categories.

To download the entire report, please click here:

2019 Audio Today – Black&Hispanic (Q4 2019)