Greek Pluck: Radiojar Grabbed By iHeart Unit RCS


An Athens-based online audio tech company known for its cloud-based audio playout platform has been snagged by the biggest owner of broadcast radio stations in the U.S.

The new owner of Radiojar Information Technology S.A., or simply Radiojar, is iHeartMedia subsidiary RCS.

The purchase, says iHeart, allows the radio industry to take advantage of Radiojar’s tools so it may combine broadcast radio elements and “transition” these listening experiences into other audio platforms — including music streaming and podcasts.

RCS is a global provider of broadcast and webcast software, serving more than 14,000 broadcast, digital, TV, cable and satellite music companies worldwide.

“With Radiojar’s sophisticated cloud-based assets and engineering, iHeartMedia, and other RCS clients, will now have a platform to easily combine or parse individual audio elements such as DJ voice tracks, music and broadcast spots to create, manage, distribute and monetize streams, podcasts and other audio content in real-time from anywhere,” iHeart said in a release distributed Tuesday afternoon, Central European time.

As part of the acquisition, Radiojar will also continue to provide tools that allow independent podcasters, radio stations and individuals who wish to create their own radio stations.

“Because we lead in all audio categories and understand the entire landscape, from broadcast radio to streaming radio to podcasts, we are always looking for next-generation technologies and services that can complement the overall audio ecosystem,” explained iHeartMedia COO/CFO Rich Bressler. “We recognize that broadcast radio has a very unique set of programming tools that make listening a smoother and more enjoyable experience.  These new capabilities will allow for the seamless nature that has only been available on radio to transition to other audio mediums including digital stations and podcasts.”

The purchase of Radiojar comes after iHeart’s recent acquisition of something with a name of a product one may put in a jar: Jelli.

The tech company for programmatic buying and selling of broadcast radio was acquired, as was Stuff Media LLC, with the approval of U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Marvin Isgur as the company winds its way toward exiting debtor-in-possession status, which may be just days away.

“Complementing our recent announcements about our cloud-based scheduling, playout and disaster recovery services, this acquisition will help RCS bring an even wider range of sophisticated online broadcast tools to our customers,” said RCS President/CEO Philippe Generali. “In the near future, using cloud-based technology, it will be possible to launch a brand-new radio service across broadcast and digital within minutes of the original idea. The ultimate ‘pop-up’ radio station, if you will.”

Radiojar CEO Stathis Koutsogeorgos said, “The Radiojar team is excited to be joining forces with the largest audio company in America – iHeartMedia, as well as RCS – a company known around the world for its audio software innovation. We share a vision about the importance of cloud-based technologies, and we look forward to the opportunity to evolve and offer our products and services to an even wider audience.”

Radiojar uses audio computing and distributed architecture to offer cloud-first solutions and focuses on two major technology fields – cloud play-out and digital audio delivery. As a technology provider, Radiojar, with a team of exceptional engineering skills, addresses challenges and delivers solutions for traditional FM/AM, media groups, web only radio stations, music providers, in-store music solutions and service providers around audio.