Radio talker’s DC town hall in session


MIB Reports Talk RadioNo less than 50 political talkmeisters are gathered at a Capitol Hill hotel in Washington DC for the annual “Hold Their Feet to the Fire” event put together by FAIR (the Federation for American Immigration Reform). Immigration is the main topic, and the main stance is opposition to a move toward any type of amnesty.

“Talk radio and Hold Their Feet to the Fire were instrumental in defeating similar legislation in 2007. This year, talk radio and Hold Their Feet to the Fire will again inform the American people about a bill that rewards illegal aliens and cheap labor employers, and punishes law-abiding American workers and taxpayers,” said Dan Stein, president of FAIR.

Stein added, “Talk radio is an accurate bellwether of public opinion, particularly on the immigration issue, and lawmakers will do well to listen, engage and respond to what they see and hear over these two days of continuous broadcasting. The deal is not sealed yet, thanks to talk radio and this event. The American people are about to find out that there is nothing in this legislation for them, except worthless promises of enhanced enforcement in the future, more taxpayer cost, and more competition for scarce jobs.”

Concerns are being expressed about the so-called Gang of Eight that is seeking bipartisan agreement on an immigration bill.

FAIR says that the radio talkers will be talking to:
* members of Congress who oppose amnesty
* experts capable of analyzing legislation
* policy experts who will examine the impact of legislation
* sheriffs from various border locations who question their security
* ICE employees who believe the President is undermining enforcement of immigration laws
* Ranchers with property on the border and concerns about safety

RBR-TVBR observation: We would have to take issue with the statement that talk radio provides an accurate reflection of the opinion of the American public. We think it provides an accurate representation of the fans of talk radio, but all the polls we’ve seen lately have pointed to majority approval for the concept of immigration reform, and members of both parties have been open to the concept if for no other reason than they see a lot of votes attached to this particular issue, and in a democracy, votes count.

What we do not question is the right of all involved to freely state their opinions and engage in open debate on this thorny topic. That too is a hallmark of our democracy.