Radio Does Reach Millennials


NielsenWe often hear broadcast radio isn’t resonating with millennials.

Nielsen, however says in its latest report that radio reaches 265 million adults age 6-plus each week and is also an effective medium to reach millennials on the weekend.

Weekends used to be a training ground for traditional radio; now much of weekend program is heavily automated in a lot of markets.

However Nielsen says programmers may want to re-think that because broadcast radio reaches some 72% of millennials on Saturday and Sunday, according to its “State of The Media Audio Today” Q1 report.

Weekly hours spent with radio by those who are employed full-time are: boomers at 15.25 hours, GenX’ers and Hispanics are both at 13 ½ hours a week, followed by African-American listeners at 13 hours and millennials at 12 hours.

Most of radio’s listening occurs outside the home among working consumers. Drive-time listening is key to radio’s increasingly positive ROI because it reaches consumers just before purchase.

When comparing the heaviest consumers of each of the four mediums studied, radio skews slightly more male than TV, internet and print. The heaviest radio consumers are not likely to be heavy TV watchers, but they do have a lot in common with heavy internet users, in particular their working characteristics and use of social media.