Public Television’s New File Delivery System Gets Some Vigor


TV content distribution and media solutions firm Vigor Systems Inc. has teamed up with video transcoding and workflow automation company Telestream to bring to market a tech tool that allows public television stations to transition file delivery and media processing to the cloud.

This will ultimately allow the public television system to migrate from satellite file delivery to a next-generation terrestrial broadband-based file delivery platform, the companies note.

Vigor was selected by the public television system to design, implement and manage the infrastructure that enables the delivery of content to public television stations.

This solution is based on Vigor’s PitchBlue technology, a cloud-based content distribution, management, monitoring, and storage solution used at some 1,700 broadcast stations.

PitchBlue is the largest TV content distribution platform in the U.S., distributing content via the cloud from partners such as CBS, NBC Universal, Warner Brothers, Sony, 20th Television/FOX, and PMI.

As part of the initial phase of this new system, Vigor has chosen Telestream as their transcoding partner to optimize delivery of media files in station workflows.

“The implementation of the Telestream Cloud Workflow solution, an advanced media processing and workflow automation powered by Vantage media processing technology, will allow stations to intelligently conform media in the cloud for station playout broadcast,” notes Vigor founder and CEO Magnus Sorlander.

Scott Murray, Telestream’s VP/Product Management, added, “We’re tremendously excited to have the combined power of Telestream Cloud and PitchBlue capabilities at the heart of this solution for public television stations. We know that, in their mission to serve a broad and diverse audience, public TV stations are looking to provide the highest quality, richest media to their viewers, and they need to do so in the most cost-effective way possible. Vigor shares our conviction that the highest quality solutions can also be lean and flexible.”

The joint integration is currently being tested at pilot locations and will officially be rolled out to all public television stations by early Fall 2018.