Prometheus promoting LPFM this summer


The guiding light pushing for the creation of more LPFM stations has been the Prometheus Radio Project, and now that it’s gotten a law passed that clears room on the dial for them, it’s going to spread out this summer and find people to build them.

The campaign is being called “Radio Summer: Hit the road, spread the word, and seize the airwaves!”

In its call to action, PRP wrote, “Ready to change the media landscape in this country? Then help spread the word about Low Power FM (LPFM) community radio. As early as next year, there will be a chance to apply for thousands of new community radio licenses. These non-commercial stations will broadcast local news, independent music and arts, and other diverse programming not heard on commercial radio. Radio Summer is a chance for independent media lovers nationwide to hit the road, host a volunteer, lead an event, or spread the word about this amazing opportunity. Join the Radio Summer team and put the airwaves into the hands of communities!”

The group is seeking volunteers to:

* Share LPFM outreach information through listservs, community bulletin boards, and other forums in your area

* Distribute information about LPFM at a conference or festival you’re already attending

* Work with local media outlets to get stories placed about LPFM in your community

It also has other somewhat more passive ways to participate:

* Provide a home stay to a traveling tour volunteer

* Share free meeting space for an event

* Offer free registration for staff/volunteers to attend issue based conferences

* Donate money to help support Radio Summer events

PRP will provide information, an electronic tool kit, checklists and other items.