Political spending continues with multimedia tax message


The National Taxpayers Unions thinks that the imposition of new energy taxes is a bad idea and is spending $1.25M to makes its point on radio, on television and online. NTU is suggesting that the administration has a more favorable attitude to Brazilian energy companies than to those based in the US.

In its release announcing the ad buy, NTU says that corporate deductions available to most American businesses are on the table for elimination for energy companies. President Barack Obama and some in Congress want to eliminate the right to deduct taxes paid to foreign governments from their US tax bill, as well as eliminate certain domestic manufacturing deductions.

In the ad, a narrator notes that Obama is encouraging Brazil to drill for oil, and announcing the readiness of the US to become a customer. It then questions why Brazil is getting positive treatment while domestic producers are being set up for punishment.

“Artificially inflating prices of the energy our economy needs for a strong recovery is unproductive, unworkable, and unfair to American families and businesses,” NTU Executive Vice President Pete Sepp said. “Tax hikes should be off the table – instead, the President and Congress should be looking for ways to bring gasoline prices down.”