PAC assails Fred Upton for liberal record (video)


As Chairman of the key House Committee on Energy and Commerce, Fred Upton (R-MI) has been relentless in pushing for standard Republican policy goals, notably including attempts to stifle net neutrality rules in particular and the FCC in general. Yet he is now being targeted by TV ads from Club for Growth attacking his long record as a “liberal.”

The ad (see it below) will run in Upton’s district. It attacks him for 25 years of what CFG considers to be legislative malfeasance, including support for the George Bush bank bailout and the use of earmarks.

Jack Hoogendyk, a former Republican member of the Michigan legislature, ran against Upton in a 2010 primary in an attempt to wrest away from him the right to run as the Republican in the district, but according to, was woefully underfunded. CFG reportedly has been in contact with Hoodendyk regarding 2012. No other Republicans have indicated any plans to challenge Upton.

RBR-TVBR observation: The weight of the analysis pieces we’ve seen on Upton portray him as a one-time moderate who has nevertheless been a solid member of his caucus in Congress. He has been successful enough toeing the Republican party line that he’s attracted advertising opposition from progressive PACs. But as this latest campaign indicates he can expect to get it from both sides this year.