Oneida takes anti-Redskins campaign beyond DC


Washington RedskinsThe campaign to pressure the Washington Redskins to change their team nickname has been waged over Washington DC radio airwaves, but now the Oneida Indian Nation is taking it on the road.

According to the Associated Press, OIN is going to run radio ads during NFL Football action on Thanksgiving Day 11/28/13.

None of the six teams playing that day have objectionable names. The games include the Green Bay Packers versus the Detroit Lions, the Oakland Raiders versus the Dallas Cowboys and the Pittsburgh Steelers versus the Baltimore Ravens.

It marks the first time the Nation has taken its message beyond the Beltway.

The ads will be heard on CBS Radio’s WXYT-FM in Detroit and Hearst Corporation’s WBAL-AM in Baltimore.

OIN’s Ray Halbritter stated, “Thanksgiving is a holiday emphasizing the ideals of inclusion and mutual respect, and is a time when we give thanks. We would like to express our appreciation to everyone who has spoken out about the important moral and civil rights issue of changing the Washington football team’s name. Change the Mascot supporters have sent a powerful message to the NFL that no group deserves to be treated as the target of a hurtful racial slur, and that Native Americans should be treated as what we are:  Americans.”