Ohio Supreme Court rules with OSU against ESPN


ESPNThe Ohio Supreme Court has sided with Ohio State University in a lawsuit brought by ESPN. The company brought the suit after it said OSU failed to release many public records at the height of a scandal rocking the football team.

ESPN had asked the Supreme Court to order the release of records related to the forced resignation of football coach Jim Tressel and star quarterback Terrelle Pryor, reported WKSU-FM. OSU refused, and the court unanimously ruled 6/19 that, for the most part, Ohio State properly complied. The court said OSU must provide a few previously-withheld documents after redacting names, but it said in most cases OSU followed the law.

The football team is still on probation after it was revealed that several players took cash and tattoos in exchange for memorabilia, and coach Tressel didn’t relay reports he received some nine months before they were made public.

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