No refunds coming from Family Radio


Some people not only bought into Harold Camping’s promise of a 5/21/11 rapture event, the also cleaned out their life’s savings donating money to the cause (alerting the rest of the world) and in some cases, to spend money on one final vacation or some other such expenditure. But Camping has simply kicked the final date forward, is not planning any refunds, and one observer says the chance of a refund via the legal system is remote, as well.

Word is out that Family Radio spent somewhere around $100M to get its doomsday message out to the masses. It claims the money in large part did not come from donors. Most of it was a result of the sale of broadcast properties, including one television and one FM radio station.

Camping, after initially being “flabbergasted” at the lack of any noticeable fulfillment of his 5/21/11 prediction, has determined that a quiet event took place – basically, the world wide earthquake event he was looking for will now come in a more disjointed fashion, with other disasters thrown in for good measure, until the final day of destruction comes. He already had said that day will come 10/21/11.

According to Christian News, should any donors desire a refund, their chances of getting their money back are nil. If nothing else, Family Radio is scrupulously honest in how it uses donations – cash coming in from supporters is most definitely used to forward the organization’s goals. If one of those goals happens to be promoting Camping’s sincere belief that the end is upon us, then so be it.