Nielsen, Disney/ABC Television Group to measure iPad behavior


NielsenDisney/ABC Television Group’s ABC Research team and Nielsen announced a new initiative to improve understanding of how people use iPads, for video consumption and other activities.

For the study, ABC Research commissioned Nielsen to build a proprietary, opt-in Nielsen metered iPad panel to aggregate and measure video consumption, app usage and other activity over the course of a year. 200 respondents will be asked to download the meter, which will measure reach, duration, frequency and page views of their iPad apps and web usage. As a result, the study will offer the first view of actual behavior – as opposed to self-reported data – along with demographic trends and yearlong insights.

Data will include information on when web and app usage is heaviest on the iPad, as well as how users interact with the ABC Player app. The ongoing study will measure reach, duration, frequency and page views of respondents’ iPad apps and web usage using the meter.

“With our unique metering capabilities, this work with ABC represents a significant step forward in understanding how consumers are using and bringing the iPad into their day-to-day,” said Cheryl Idell, EVP/Nielsen. “The insight gleaned from this study, using these metering capabilities, is an example of how we meet our commitment to deliver cross-platform understanding to the industry and provide broader understanding of consumers.”