Mountain-area pirate hit with elevated fine


Broadcasting PirateAn FM bandit operating a click below the lowest standard reserved band frequency from a Tennessee town on the northeastern edge of Great Smoky National Park has been hit with a fine for repeated FM broadcasting without a license and for refusal to allow an FCC agent to inspect the unlawful station.

The town is Cosby TN, not far from Great Smoky gateway town Gatlinburg TN and Dollywood, the resort associated with Country music icon Dolly Parton.

The pirate is identified as Arthur Lee Young.

FCC agents traced a signal on 87.9 MHz to his residence on 4/14/11. He admitted to operating a station there, allowed an inspection, and turned over his equipment.

Then, on 2/29/12, another 87.9 MHz signal was traced to Young’s residence by an FCC agent. This time, Young and his wife met with the agent outside. Young’s wife said admitted that a station was being operated from the location, but Young this time refused to allow an inspection, and was informed that the refusal constituted a second violation on top of unauthorized operation of an FM station.

Adding up the liability, Young has been hit with a Notice of Apparent Liability that includes $10K for unauthorized operation, $7K for the inspection refusual, and an extra $5K, because he was aware that both the operation and refusual were unlawful and that his actions “…demonstrate a deliberate disregard for the Act and the Commission’s requirements.”