Gen Media Partners Goes To School With Video News


Here’s an announcement that doesn’t require a bell ring from the Principal’s office.

Gen Media Partners (GMP) is launching a video news program for middle and high school students, educators, and parents.

Delivered in a fast-paced style that appeals to today’s tweens and teens, NexxGen News covers a wide range of topics, including financial literacy, STEM, health & wellness, college prep, the environment, anti-bullying, and more.

A fully digital service, NexxGen News can be viewed on any device at any time and offers interactive features that connect viewers, schools, and communities.

“NexxGen News is a perfect addition to the expanding cross-platform solutions strategy that is the hallmark of Gen Media Partners,” said radio industry veteran Chuck Bortnick, SVP at Gen Media Partners. “NexxGen News delivers high engagement, especially with the hard-to-reach Gen Z demographic.”

Edmodo, the digital distribution partner for NexxGen News, has an expansive platform that reaches more than 7,400 districts, 100 million members, and 400K schools globally.

“Our goal is to bring the world into the classroom through engaging content, which is a proven inspiration of learning for students,” stated David Drucker, VP/GM of NexxGen News and a former Senior Vice President with pioneering in-classroom channel Channel One News. “With Edmodo as our distribution partner, we will reach classrooms across the country and help teachers deliver compelling current events content to today’s youth, as well as features and topics that students are passionate about.”

NexxGen News will also offer sponsored content opportunities in each program.

This could turn heads, as Channel One News was considered controversial by some educators and parents for being sponsors into a classroom learning environment.

Sponsorable content also includes blog posts, quizzes, and interactive options.