New star for "Two and a Half Men" to be announced?


After all of the drama surrounding the hit comedy series over Charlie Sheen’s bizarre behavior, looks like CBS Corp. and Warner Bros. are sticking to their pledge not to re-hire him, after firing him in March. Next week, the two companies will likely announce his lead role replacement, to continue the role with Angus T. Jones and Jon Cryer. Chuck Lorre, the show’s co-creator, has been planning to add a new character to the show, instead of recasting the role that has been played by Sheen.

The Wall Street Journal reports CBS and Warner Bros. are “racing” to lock in a new star for the show, looking to save TV’s most-watched comedy before CBS presents its fall TV schedule to advertisers 5/18 at Carnegie Hall in NYC: “The two companies have agreed on financial terms to license the show with a new actor in a lead role following the firing of star Charlie Sheen, according to a person familiar with the talks, removing one obstacle to bringing back the cash cow.”

Warner Bros., which produces the show for CBS, is hoping to hammer out a deal with one of several actors in coming days, that person and others familiar with the matter told the paper. But it remains unclear which actors are still being considered, the story said: “It’s 50-50” that the show will return, one of the people familiar with the talks said.

RBR-TVBR observation: Lorre is probably right to not consider trying to fill Sheen’s character directly. It might do more harm than good for the show. It’s also possible they may change the set to help viewers forget Sheen.