New horizons in remote broadcasting


Your station may specialize in remotes, and it may have broadcast from interesting, exotic and distant locations – but we’ll bet that no matter how out of the ordinary your most unique remote has been “The Joe Show” has you beat.

This is despite the fact that by one measure the distance of this one is only 240 miles –sports play-by-play broadcasts blow that distance out of the water all the time.

But in this case the 240 miles is measured straight up.

The full title of the program is “The Joe Show: New Rock from Space” and outer space is indeed where it is originating. Joe is NASA astronaut and classic rock fan Joe Acaba, and his remote broadcast will beam to Earth from the International Space Station.

It can be heard on the NASA’s Third Rock Radio internet outlet, and via certain mobile apps.

Despite Acaba’s stated preference for the classics, he will be spinning new rock for this program. That is because the target audience is the younger set, who he is hoping to interest in pursuing knowledge in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (collectively, STEM), as well as art.

“I’m excited to be the first astronaut to DJ from space on Third Rock Radio,” Acaba said. “From the recordings launched aboard the Voyager spacecraft to the wakeup songs on shuttle missions, NASA and music have a long history together. As a former educator, I also appreciate the strong links between music and math, one of the core STEM components that is so critical to my work as an astronaut.”