Music Royalty Issue Heats Up In DC


NABThanksWednesday is shaping up to be an active day concerning the music royalty issue.

Label-backed musicFirst Coalition has several events planned in support of the Fair Play Fair Pay Act. The group expects “dozens” of artists to attend a press conference and say they will meet with members of Congress and their staffs afterwards to discuss the music industry and the need for reform to ensure music creators are paid fairly for their work.

The bill, according to musicFirst, would ensure fair market pay for music on all radio platforms.

The radio industry, meanwhile, says it already pays music licensing and should need to pay twice. Radio also points out the value that station promotion has to artists.

NAB has taken out ads in Capitol Hill publications for the rest of this week thanking members of Congress for supporting the Local Radio Freedom Act, a non-binding resolution opposing “any new performance fee, tax, royalty or other charge” on local broadcast stations. The resolution has 230 co-sponsors in the House and 26 in the Senate.


  1. Just like other government acts, “Fair Play Fair Pay Act” is a misnomer. You labels want to be paid performance royalties, and you want it “FAIR”? Fine. Be fair. Start paying radio stations for their air time for the 3 minute commercials for your artists that you’ve been getting for free all this time.

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