Mobile fans wary of piracy legislation


The research gurus at Prosper Mobile Insights were not at all surprised to learn that serious fans of smartphones and tablets were wary of the possible negative impact of new legislation such as SOPA or PIPA. It was precisely this citizen reaction to a highly influential internet blackout day in January that led to the bills’ withdrawal.

According to Prosper, 70.3% said they were very or somewhat concerned about possible censorship of web content they access from their mobile devices, compared to only 12.8% who were not very or not at all concerned. 16.9% were neutral. Prosper included proposed bill ACTA along with SOPA and PIPA in its questioning.

Still respondents were less worried about how the bills would impact them personally, although sentiment still leaned against them. 38.2% saw them as having a negative impact, 29.7% thought there would be no impact and 11.7% thought they would have a positive impact.

When it comes to material that is a candidate for blockage, 66.8% said it should be a decision left to themselves personally, 14.3% said ISPs should do it, and 9.9% said it was a job for the federal government.

Here are types of content and the percentage that would block it.
Racial slurs in print: 59.8%
Nudity: 51.5%
Racial slurs in music/videos: 51.1%
Pirated content: 48.4%
Foul language in print: 44.6%
Source: Prosper Mobile Insights™ Mobile Survey, January-12