More Brand Continuity In Latest Spot Radio Report


There aren’t much week-to-week changes among the top paid advertisers using spot radio to reach consumers. That’s a sign of media commitment to AMs and FMs. But, given the high number of iHeartRadio promotional spots seen, it also points to more opportunities for brands to take advantage of radio’s hyped “reach” factor.

As seen below, DuckDuckGo is a new — and active — user of Spot Radio.

Indeed has also been a brand that has embraced radio of late.

But, compared to the promotional spot plays for iHeartRadio, and a podcast at No. 10 on the report, advertisers have a way to go.

On the bright side, Lowe’s surpassed rival The Home Depot in outreach via radio for the week ending September 26, entering the Spot Ten with a No. 6 finish.