Radio’s On-The-Spot Brand Lovers


What are the top advertisers using spot radio to connect with AM and FM radio listeners?

For the week ending October 24, some intriguing brands are on the latest Media Monitors Spot Ten Report. One new entrant is a Procter & Gamble Co. brand not necessarily known for its audio creative.

That would be Swiffer, the all-in-one mop and floor cleanser that P&G has made a common kitchen and household tool. In a new campaign, Swiffer spots enjoyed 33,311 spot plays at the radio stations tracked by Media Monitors.

Among paid advertisers using spot radio, Indeed is the big No. 1.

For auto insurers, Jake from State Farm is there — and no other auto insurance brands can be found this week.

Rounding out the Spot Ten is top QSR McDonald’s.