Missouri Attorney General sues Sirius XM


A state court in Missouri has issued a temporary restraining order against Sirius XM Radio ordering the satellite radio company to stop calling residents of the state who are on the Missouri “no-call” telephone list. The lawsuit was filed by Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster.

Koster said he filed the lawsuit as a result of numerous complaints filed with the No-Call Division of the Attorney General’s Office.

The AG’s lawsuit alleges violations of the Missouri Merchandising Practices Act and the Telemarketing No-Call List Act.  Koster said telephone solicitation calls were made to consumers soliciting satellite radio subscriptions.

“When Missourians register with our No-Call list, they do so with the reasonable expectation that they will not receive these unsolicited, harassing calls. No business, no matter the size or reach, is immune from Missouri’s law, and we will continue to go after those who violate it,” Koster said.

The temporary restraining order prohibits Sirius XM from making calls to Missourians on the no-call list who have no established business relationship with the company. Sirius XM may still make calls to existing customers, unless a customer directs Sirius XM not to call them. Koster also is seeking a civil penalty of $5,000 for each violation of Missouri law, costs of the investigation and prosecution, and all court costs.

Sirius XM did not immediately respond to a request from RBR-TVBR for comment.