Mercatanti takes a ride in Reading


In point of fact, Louis Mercatanti’s Nassau Broadcasting has been operating WFKB-FM Boyertown PA since 9/1/05 under terms of an LMA. Now his company is prepared to buy the station, serving the Reading PA market, outright, although seller WDAC Radio Company will still have a hand in it. The contract calls for a 22M price tag, with 5M up front and 17M in cash at closing. On top of that are LMA fees stipulated at 100K for year one, 150K for year two and 300K for year three.

An amendment to the contract codifies an agreement to run religious programming carried by a pair of the seller’s AM stations on one of WFKB-FM’s HD-2 streams. That will be in force until 9/2/11, at a minimum.
It will be Nassau’s only station in the market.