MediaPulse Gets A Configurable Mobile Interface


The company behind MediaPulse has brought to market a new, configurable mobile interface for the product.

Xytech, known for its broadcast industry facility management softwarex, has a new UI that it says increases flexibility and scalability by extending MediaPulse to all of its customers’ team members.

“Operations staff, producers, facility managers, field crews and freelancers can now use MediaPulse in a screen designed and configured specifically for their needs,” Xytech notes. “The new UI increases efficiency and consistency for the entire organization by delivering exactly what a user needs, when they need it. This streamlines workflows, speeds communication and reduces costly mistakes.”

Xytech’s Greg Dolan explains, “Our new MediaPulse Mobile UI is designed to provide a personalized interface for all team members. The new UI allows our clients to implement their workflows throughout the entire staff base. This is the beginning of a crucial strategy for Xytech as we expand our technology from the hands of operational and financial users to all users in the enterprise. Having an easy adopted UI configured specifically for each end user is the vital next step.”

The latest release of the MediaPulse Development Platform came at the recent IBC2018 conference.