Cool Shirts Get Boost With Radio Spots


A rapidly growing clothier?

We bet you thought “mall stores” were a dying breed.

A brand first known for its “you saw it in that airline magazine” outreach is growing fast, with retail locations from Santa Monica to South Florida popping up. This hot chain is now using radio to help bring in the customers.

Welcome to the Media Monitors Spot Ten Radio report for the week ending July 1, 2018 UNTUCKit — the maker of shirts that, um, you wear un-tucked.

Thanks to a new campaign that includes 24,877 national spot plays, UNTUCKit is now the No. 8 advertiser using radio.

It’s cause for cheer, as the brand seeks to build awareness and customers by way of AM and FM radio stations — unique among its peers.

Ahead of the Independence Day holiday, Macy’s was not highly active. Neither was Kohl’s.

In fact, JCPenney is the lone haberdasher in the Spot Ten this week, just above UNTUCKit.

Also of note: The Home Depot continues to dominate by play count, while Pepsi is the No. 5 user of radio. Coca-Cola is not on the Spot Ten.