MBM south Texas buying spree continues


SoldIt hasn’t even been a year yet since MBM Radio started buying up radio stations in the Rio Grande area in Texas not far from the border with Mexico. The group’s application to buy KDRX-FM Laughlin AFB mentioned another deal in the works, and now paperwork for the other deal has been filed with the FCC.

The latest acquisition is KAJP-FM Carrizo Springs TX. It’s coming from Super Radio Inc., headed by Martin Valdes.

The price will be $400K cash. The contract provides for establishment of an LMA until the deal closes.

MBM Radio Del Rio is the licensee name used by buyer Roberto Gonzalez, and it is a subsidiary of his MB Revolution.

KDRX is a Class A on 93.5 MHz with 6 kW @ 253’.

We believe that Carrizo Springs will mark the southeastern extremity of the growing group. It is located to the south of MBM stations in Uvalde TX and to the east of MBM stations in Eagle Pass TX. It has no overlap with any of them, however.

The KDRX deal cost Gonzalez $600K, and gave him a station between KTDR-FM Del Rio TX to the west and a station-to-be, KVDR-FM CP Brackettville TX, to the east. The trio create a classic daisy-chain duopoly – KTDR and KVDR do not share any 60 dBu cotour overlap, but both will overlap KDRX.