Local Focus, The Event Shop launch "StepOne" search engine (audio)

Dave Demer:

Word has it that Event Marketing budgets are rebounding more quickly than traditional media budgets. Events are great for local business and local dollars, but what about national companies that might want to hitch their wagon to your event? For over 10 years, The Event Shop (www.TheEventShop.com) has been building exclusive relationships with agencies that specialize in event marketing. 

When done correctly, station events can be low risk ways to add revenue to the bottom line while giving a chance to engage and interact with listeners. 

Now, Local Focus Radio and The Event Shop announced the “StepOne Event Search Engine,” a new tool that allows stations to upload basic info about event(s) to their system, which they put in front of hundreds of event marketing agencies on an ongoing basis.

The Event Shop lists station events and markets the Search Engine to Event Marketers. Stations pay 15% – only if they sell something for them.

RBR-TVBR spoke to The Event Shop’s Dave Demer more about how this works and how quickly stations can start getting dollars rolling in. Listen to the audio, above.

“The Local Focus Team is very excited about the “broad reaching tentacles” that The Event Shop’s relationships and search engine brings to our station partners…not to mention added revenue!,” Local Focus President Kay Olin tells us.