Lawsuit explains why TX FM went dark


GavelClassic Country KBHT-FM Crockett-Bryan, TX has been off the air for over a year now. Rumors about why it went off the air have swirled since they ceased ops in June of last year. The truth may soon come to light in a Houston County, TX courtroom, reports the Messenger newspaper.

Weston Entertainment/KBPC Inc. began broadcasting through the modified license of KBPC “Pine Country” 93.5 on or about 7/1.

Known as “The Outlaw”, the upper management of 93.5 KBHT allegedly took the imaging to the extreme. A lawsuit filed in the Third Judicial District Court, alleges Weston Entertainment (who bought the station from local operator Nicol Broadcasting Company in 2006) employees Eric Eisbrenner and Don Raumaker, engaged in practices of sexual harassment, disability discrimination and retaliation against the plaintiffs, former Weston Entertainment personalities Carla Leigh Turner (“Carla Leigh“) and Jimmy Heil (“Jimmy ‘the Hitman’ Hill”).

In addition, Raumaker is being sued for assault.

Turner and Heil were the morning drivers and were often sent to various promotions, concerts and charity events.

The suit, filed 6/21, alleges the issues began in May 2011 when Weston Entertainment employees, Eisbrenner and Raumaker, were introduced to the staff as “….partners and consultants who were on a fact-finding mission for Weston Entertainment…Raumaker spent more time at the station than Eisbrenner, and began making Turner uncomfortable by paying inordinate attention to her, persistently asking her to have dinner and drinks, and promising her various career advancements.”

While Turner rebuffed the advances, the lawsuit indicates Raumaker was incessant: “He began talking about the size of his (male genitalia), the sexual disinterest of his wife, his resulting need for a ‘Palestine girlfriend’ and claiming extraordinary sexual capabilities,” the court filing stated. “Raumaker also described to Turner in graphic terms what he wanted to do, sexually, with a co-worker who he promoted to office manager.”

Other allegations include: Raumaker dropping his pants in front of Turner and threatening to remove his underwear; “inappropriately (touching) her leg, rear end, neck and arms;” yanking her off a chair while she was doing her broadcast; and “while Turner was on-air, Raumaker approached her from behind and reached around Turner’s front and cupped her breasts.”

The claim stated by the end of June 2011, Turner attempted to talk with Eisbrenner about Raumaker’s conduct but indicated he was less than receptive. It was further stated Turner contacted Lydia Hankins, a vice president with Weston Entertainment.

Hankins contacted Heil, Turner’s on-air partner, who confirmed Turner’s reports. As a result of this, the suit alleges Turner was demoted “…..because of your phone call.”

“Not knowing what to do, and because Raumaker had been physically abusive toward Turner and angry and threatening to others on the local staff, Heil and Turner went to the Grapeland Police to see if they could do anything. Heil and Turner both gave written statements to the police,” the court document stated.

After the police reports had been filed, Hankins contacted Turner and informed her they (Weston Management) were angry with her over this matter. Hankins also allegedly said “…Raumaker was in charge, he had Weston’s support, he could do or say what he wanted and they needed to get behind Raumaker or quit.”

According to the legal document, the pattern of harassment shifted from the physical to the fiscal with duties and promised commissions taken away from Turner. Several other issues were addressed in the suit which led Turner to take a leave of absence. When she was ready to return to her position, the suit stated, “The dramatic changes to Turner’s job, the reports from co-workers about efforts to get rid of her, all led to the inescapable conclusion that the defendants did not want her to return to work, constituting a constructive discharge.

See the full report from The Messenger here.

The court date has not been set as of yet. In the meantime, Weston Entertainment changed the calls from KBHT to KBPC. The studio in Grapeland, TX was abandoned by Weston on 6/30, through a cessation of lease negotiation with the building’s owners and the broadcast electronics were transferred to the broadcast tower location some 20 miles west of Crockett on State Highway 7.



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