KRKO-AM gets resurrected


Two towers at the station’s transmitter site were toppled last September in an apparent act of ecoterrorism are being reinstalled 8/16. KRKO 1380-AM Everett/Snohomish, WA said 8/12 the 349-foot and 199-foot towers will be lifted by crane at the station’s site and restore the station to full power.

Station GM Andy Skotdal told HeraldNet said that even though it took longer that he expected, he was proud that the station never stopped broadcasting: “We had the ability to transmit in multiple ways, from that and other sites,” Skotdal said.

Last September, the two radio towers were toppled by heavy equipment. A cloth was hung on a fence nearby with the message, “Wassup? Sno Cty? ELF”

ELF is the acronym for the Earth Liberation Front, an ecoterrorism group.