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Jim CarnegieOnce again the radio trade journalism biz has changed. For those in radio who may have been on vacation and do not know, Tom Taylor’s Radio-Info (TRI) closed up shop Friday, August 17th after a little more than five years of publishing. It sits on the historical back-issue shelves with R&R, which shut its doors back in 2009. On the radio side, come this October, Radio Business Report, better known as RBR, begins its 30th year – three decades of being focused on the reporting and analysis on the business of radio.

Today’s internet business environment continues to make everyone’s business model difficult because the majority of readers believe they should receive everything free from the Internet. Why do you think trades close-up shop? People may think a trade should be free, but unfortunately producing it is not. Many service providers are expensive, as are experienced editorial staff, production/design, administration and so on. If RBR-TVBR doesn’t do the necessary work to provide quality journalism every day, then who will?

As I’ve stated many times, ads have not been able to cover operating expenses-for RBR-TVBR or any other trade. I’ve been the first to admit the problem, but paired it with a solution: a small fee to help us deliver this service that broadcast professionals rely on day in and day out. I understand you’re feeling the weight of this economy just as all of us are. So I’m helping by cutting 20% from our already low monthly subscription.

Now through the Christmas Holiday you can join the RBR-TVBR family for only $11.99 a month and gain FULL ACCESS to RBR-TVBR: Click Here

RBR-TVBR is 30 years strong and moving forward. But we cannot do it without you!

Thanks for your support.
Jim Carnegie, Publisher – Owner – Broadcaster

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  1. Jim – Now I know why my email to Tom “bounced!” Sad news indeed. I’m sending you something via private email and would like you to publish it. Talk soon.
    Charlie Ferguson
    Northern Broadcast, Inc.

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