It’s almost time for iHeartMedia’s iHeartRadio Music Festival


iHeartMediaUntil yesterday, we would have written that it’s almost time for Clear Channel’s iHeartRadio Music Festival. It will run 9/19-20 and be available on multiple platforms.

Originating in Las Vegas and hosted by Ryan Seacrest, it will be heard on more than 150 iHeart radio stations.

There will also be a live video stream available on Yahoo Live, at

There will be a multitude of stars from both the acting and music communities present, along with 370 lucky fans who received trips to the even in a “text-to-win” contest.

The event also features a full range of iHeartRadio clients as sponsors.

RBR-TVBR observation: The more radio is able to hit on multiple media cylinders, the greater its chances to thrive in this still young millennium. Control of the airwaves is important, but so too is expansion on to internet and mobile platforms. Smart companies are already thinking this way, and it’s a beautiful thing to witness.