#InTheBlack campaign launches from BET consortium (audio)


BETThe consortium is launching a multimedia effort highlighting the power of the Black consumer and the strength of Black media: BET Networks has partnered with HuffPost BlackVoices, Black Enterprise, Burrell Communications, Cable Advertising Bureau, Essence Communications, GlobalHue, Inner City Broadcasting Company, Stevie Wonder’s KJLH-FM Radio Los Angeles, Johnson Publishing Company, National Association of Black Owned Broadcasters (NABOB), Nielsen, North Star Group, National Newspaper Publishers Association, One Solution, Radio One, TV One, Interactive One, Reach Media (Tom Joyner and BlackAmericaweb.com), Steve Harvey Radio, TheGrio, The Root, The Africa Channel, UniWorld Group, Vibe Media and Walton Isaacson to create a history-making black media and marketing consortium.

The consortium is launching the #InTheBlack campaign to encourage increased investments in the African American consumer marketplace while helping companies reach the African American audience more effectively.

The consortium will use its collective resources and strength to speak to the ad community and consumer audience to raise awareness and create a sense of urgency around the economic opportunity the black consumer segment presents.

A member of the consortium tells RBR-TVBR that a lot of agencies and advertisers will say they will represent the Black consumer and other various demos (race, lifestyle, sects) in their general market spots—and the term for that is “Mainstreaming.” However, when they interview audience members, they say, ‘Speak to us in a way that’s relevant and we’ll respond. But make it relevant to me.’

The consortium will educate advertisers and brands that mainstreaming or general market ads don’t always speak to the needs and interests of the Black consumer. There has been a fair amount of targeting to the Hispanic market, but the consortium would like to see something that’s comparable to the Black consumer, too.

There will be a campaign mobilizing all of the consortium representatives to speak to the advertisers and brands. The media will also encourage their audience and listeners to actively go out and support the advertisers that support the community.

“We are excited to partner with some of the nation’s most influential media and marketing groups to highlight the growing economic opportunity of the Black marketplace. As a collective, we are better positioned to demonstrate the value of targeting the black consumer audience and partnering with leading brands to help them succeed” said Debra Lee, BET Networks CEO.

Listen to audio for the Deborah Lee/In the Black announcement interview on the Tom Joyner Morning Show with Tom and Roland Martin:

[audio:Debra-Lee-062512.mp3|titles=Debra Lee, CEO, BET Networks]

African American media has the unique ability to reach the African American consumer base directly and is an important resource in identifying and establishing trends within the black community. #InTheBlack aims to amplify the value of engaging African Americans through black targeted media and agencies.

African Americans represent over 42 million strong consumers, product talkers and brand influencers with a buying power of nearly one trillion dollars annually. By 2015, African American buying power is estimated to gain a whopping 35% hitting 1.2 trillion dollars, up from $913 billion in 2008. African Americans are mega consumers beating out all other ethnic groups in the consumption of automobiles, wine & spirits, baby care products, groceries, health and beauty products, personal care products, apparel, electronics, movies and travel and entertainment.

African Americans are crucial to the consumer economy and their sphere of influence is growing rapidly:

–With buying power of nearly one trillion annually, if African Americans were a country, they would represent the 16th largest economy in the world (slightly smaller than Canada but larger than Australia) – Nielsen 2011 State of the African American Consumer

–Between 2000-2009, African American homes have experienced significant growth among households earning $75,000+ (up 63.9%) and households earning $100,000+ (up 88.7%) – Nielsen 2011 State of the African American Consumer

–Nearly one out of every seven babies born in the United States are of African American descent – National Center for Health Statistics based on CDC’s National Vital Statistics 2010

–There are 1,702 African American babies born daily; more than half a million AA babies (623,029 babies) join our population every year – Source:  US Census Statistical Abstracts- Live Births, Birth Rates and Fertility Rates.

Every hour on the hour, there are 71 African American babies entering the world’s population– Source:  US Census Statistical Abstracts- Live Births, Birth Rates and Fertility Rates.

#InTheBlack will be keeping consumers informed on companies that are exemplary leaders in supporting and working with the African American community. For more info visit areyouintheblack.org.