Interactive Radio Ads. They Can Be YoursTruly


What is being hailed as the first real-time interactive audio ad technology to work across commercial radio has been launched in the U.K.

And, the technology will be ready to implement in the U.S. in the first quarter of 2021.

That’s according to AdTonos, the digital audio advertising platform which is bringing its “YoursTruly” to life in Great Britain. There, it has been deployed for the first campaign in partnership with Bauer Media‘s Octave Audio digital advertising marketplace for Audi, a client of Omnicom Media Group‘s PHD shop.

Here’s how it worked: Users across London listening to Absolute Radio 105.8, Kiss 100 and Magic Radio 105.4 were able to book test drives for Audi’s latest model through voice activation on their smart speakers. The campaign also harnessed intelligent geolocation technology to help listeners select their nearest dealership.

“YoursTruly was developed to realize the significant and fast-growing potential of native audio ad experiences,” AdTonos says. “In practice, an ad featuring an interaction trigger is inserted into an ad break. Once broadcast, listeners can react to the ad with a simple voice command to engage the voice assistant and complete a desired action before being returned to the live radio station.”

AdTonos founder and CEO Michal Marcinik adds, “By allowing advertisers to dynamically insert interactive ads in live radio content, the tool paves the way for instant, two-way communication that will not only increase conversions, but also forge stronger links between advertisers and valuable radio audiences.”

Phil Rowley, the Futures Director at Omnicom Media Group, said the first-of-its-kind campaign deployed for Audi “lays the foundation for audio and voice advertising innovation globally.”

He added, “As the channel continues to grow – with the global voice-based smart speaker market predicted to be worth $30 billion by 2024 – we’re keen to continue exploring audio’s strengths as part of fully integrated marketing strategies.”

Charlie Brookes, Director of Revenue at Octave Audio, which executed the Audi campaign across the three Bauer Media radio brands in London, added, “The rapid technical integrations via SDKs is testament to how fast the industry can innovate, and the opportunities for broadcasters, brands, and audiences alike are vast.”