Inovonics Brings To Market Its ‘541’ FM Modulation Monitor


Inovonics’ fourth generation “541” FM Modulation Monitor is now shipping to customers. What makes it noteworthy compared to previous versions of the product?

The new all-digital 541 combines detailed DSP signal analysis with a menu-driven touchscreen display, plus Webserver with total access for remote operation, including measurements, graphical data and direct Web-browser audio monitoring of the off-air program.

“The 541 delivers exceptional off-air reception of analog-FM broadcasts with highly-accurate displays of total modulation and other measurements, even in the presence of on-channel or adjacent-channel HD Radio carriers at any level,” Inovonics boasts. “The graphic front-panel on the 541 and remote Web interface display level metering; FFT spectrum analysis of IF passband, MPX baseband and program audio; oscilloscope display of program audio and stereo XY.”

Other unique features on the 541 include, Alarms for a range of signal faults, with tallies and SMS/text or email messaging; FM BandScanner; StationRotation mode for sequential station monitoring; and Audio Outputs in Analog, AES-digital, Dante AoIP, HTTP/UDP Web-streaming, and FM composite/MPX baseband.

Inovonics President/CEO Ben Barber commented, “With the number of pre-orders both domestically and abroad, it is fulfilling to be ahead of scheduled with our delivery time.”