Inovonics Brings NAB 2017 Sneak Peeks To Market


If you stopped by the Inovonics booth at the 2017 NAB Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center and took an interest in some of the company’s new products, you’re in luck. All are available now, or will be shipping as of June 19.

Pre-orders are being accepting for all of the new products.

They are as follows:

AARON 655 FM/HD Re-Broadcast Translator Receiver
Available the week of June 19, the AARON 655 combines an FM/HD Radio Receiver with an Audio Processor, Dynamic RDS Encoder, and IP-Streaming.

The AARON 655 employs a sensitive FM / HD Radio SDR-based receiver that invariably returns to the programmed frequency and reception mode following a power interruption. In addition to FM and HD1-8 program sources for rebroadcast, the 655 accepts analog, AES-digital and streaming program inputs with fallback-priority selection. Outputs are FM-stereo-multiplex (MPX) as well as both analog and AES digital program line outputs and output streaming.

NOVIA Audio Processors – FM/AM/Stereo
Available the week of June 19, the Inovonics NOVIA series includes a 3-Band DSP Processor, Streaming I/O, Web interface, Dayparting, Alarms & Notifications.

NOVIA 272 FM Audio Processor
This FM airchain processor and includes the stereo-multiplex generator and a full-function dynamic RDS/RBDS RadioData encoder.

The NOVIA 272 accepts both program line and streaming inputs and allows remote IP audio monitoring.

NOVIA 262 Stereo Audio Processor
The NOVIA 262 is a dual-mode device. The ‘FM mode’ provides comprehensive program-audio airchain processing when multiplex encoding is provided by the FM exciter. Equally at home in the studio, the ‘flat mode’ serves a variety of routine production-studio needs such as microphone channel ‘signature’ processing and STL/link protection.

NOVIA 236 AM Audio Processor
The NOVIA 236 combines the functions of ‘gain-riding’ AGC, ‘syllabic’ consistency leveling, parametric EQ, multiband compression with selectable crossovers, selectable ‘brick wall’ bandwidth restriction and a final no-splatter peak controller that supports asymmetrical carrier modulation.