Indianapolis 500 is a “GO” for Go Daddy


Go Daddy is putting the GO in this year’s Indianapolis 500 broadcast on ABC TV. The world’s largest Web hosting and domain name provider is the primary sponsor for the live race broadcast and for IndyCar star Danica Patrick. And, for the first-time ever, Go Daddy will broadcast user-generated commercials as part of its ad strategy.

As well, in-car cameras, sponsored by Go Daddy, will give viewers a first-person perspective, as well as a bird’s-eye-view from the Go Daddy sponsored heli-cam flying overhead.

The top three winners of Go Daddy’s “Create Your Own Commercial” contest will be unveiled to everyone, including the winners themselves, during the race broadcast 5/30. Winners of the contest earn a spot in advertising history too, because Go Daddy is providing the largest guaranteed payout of any ad contest ever.

“Danica and I were very impressed with the commercial entries and I think viewers will be shocked with our winning picks, they aren’t what I’d call conventional GoDaddy-esque ads,” said Go Daddy CEO and founder Bob Parsons. “People found some clever ways to promote our brand. We just might be entering a new Go Daddy era – you might even say, Go Daddy is getting out of its comfort zone.”

One of the ads in contention for the $100,000 top prize was a first-time project for its crew. “We’re thrilled to be in the running. This was the very first attempt at making a commercial for our director, composer, writer and me,” said Jessie Ottolini, who produced an ad titled “Go Momma.”

Creators of the first place ad receive $100,000 in cash. Second and third place winners take home $50,000 and $25,000 respectively. And in a last-minute show of appreciation, Parsons added five Honorable Mention winners, who will each win $15,000.