How Data Science Can Elevate A Marketer’s Ad Performance


PORTLAND, ORE. — There’s a river of data flowing from all the channels at a marketer’s disposal. But, most of it is dammed up behind business, ad and marketing analytics, and stuck behind database platforms and services.

LeadsRx’s Insights Service could help solve the data problem. How so? A helpful LeadsRx “Attribution Data Scientist” could prove the trick for sparking more insights and improving the efficiency and performance of marketing and advertising campaigns across all channels.

LeadsRx, known for its marketing attribution software, recently launched the Insight Service so that its team of “scientists” could dig into client attribution data and, in turn, develop a marketing attribution game plan with actionable insights designed to maximize the client’s return on ad spend (ROAS).

This, theoretically, could then lead to increase ad spend at broadcast media.

The LeadsRx Insights Service applies marketing attribution methodologies, media mix modeling and statistical methods.

Optimization recommendations are derived from the review of all marketing channels, detailed touchpoints, conversions, web analytics, and by focusing on which programs are top-revenue generators.

“Optimizing ad campaigns is a critical component to any marketer’s success considering the millions of dollars wasted on low performing advertising each year,” said AJ Brown, CEO and co-founder of LeadsRx. “Marketing attribution provides analytic evidence of how advertising is performing, but marketers often struggle to find the precise insights that lead them to action. The new LeadsRx Insights Service is designed to help clients focus on immediate action they can take to maximize return on ad spend.”

For example, a LeadsRx Insight Report can show which day of the week delivers the strongest ROI for a client using radio advertising to build awareness and, ultimately, sales.

“Marketers need a deep understanding about the customer journey and how to get their message in front of their audience at a time when they are likely to make a purchase,” says Alex Weisbecker, director of Attribution Analytics at LeadsRx.

Clients of the LeadsRx Insights Service receive a monthly CMO-level report that summarizes attribution insights and suggested ad optimization changes. The report drills down into top touchpoints and delivers conversion segmentation, attribution modeling, advertising performance reporting, trend analysis and a ROAS review.


— Reporting by Adam Jacobson in Boca Raton, Fla., with assistance from Walter Bott in Portland.