Hispanic Radio Podcast: The Ad Agency Take On AM and FM


Liz Castells, president of Infusion by Castells, has gone bicoastal. The Los Angeles-based multicultural advertising and marketing specialist spends a lot of time in New York, thanks to her shop’s work with Charter Spectrum.

She’s a big believer of Hispanic radio, for several reasons.

In this Hispanic Radio Podcast from Streamline Publishing’s Radio + Television Business Report and Radio Ink, Castells explains why radio remains a vital part of the mix for her clients and others actively seeking to build sales and achieve long-term revenue growth.


With Nielsen’s latest Audio Report showing 98% of Hispanics listening to radio on a weekly basis, “it is still the absolute highest reach media — greater than even live and DVR television put together.”

Hispanics still spend the most time with radio of any group — almost 14 hours weekly, she adds. And, one-third of Hispanics are heavy users thanks to a “personal connection” with radio.

What are the other things about Hispanic radio listeners excite marketers? In just nine minutes you’ll have greater insights and observations on why a move to Spanish-language or Hispanic-targeted English-language programming can make your cluster a winner.


This Hispanic Radio Podcast was originally produced for distribution on April 25, 2018.