Hispanic organization applauds FCC diversity moves


NHMC / National Hispanic Media CoalitionNational Hispanic Media Coalition is thrilled that stations being divested by Gray Television and its corporate partners are going to minority and female owners. It credits the “serious efforts” of the FCC to both reduce consolidation and increase ownership diversity and calls for more of the same.

An Asian American married couple is getting a station in Colorado, a “respected” South Asian licensee is getting on in North Dakota and four other scattered stations are headed for an ownership team made up of two women.

“This is a perfect example of something we’ve been saying for years: if the FCC makes serious efforts to stem the tide of media consolidation, more ownership opportunities will be created for women and people of color,” said Jessica J, González, executive vice president and general counsel of the NHMC.

“With current ownership levels approaching near-record lows, we need more success stories like the ones we see here to ensure the diverse communities have a voice on our nation’s airwaves,” González continued. “Hopefully, the FCC will continue steps towards fully enforcing its ownership limits and the next slate of transfers includes new Latino owners.”