Could This Bring The ‘Big Picture’ To Your Studios?


A company known for its commercialized video wall technology has just released version 6.0 of software that brings added LED display support, enhanced video wall layout features, MPEG2 video streaming support and flexible license selection.

Now available is Hiperwall software version 6.0 with “HiperSource Browser” technology.

These new applications and enhancements empower video wall administrators with greater content control and display flexibility.

“HiperSource Browser makes it easy to show high-resolution web content on a video wall by establishing a direct connection between the web content and the video wall, bypassing screen capture,” the company says.

HiperSource Browser also allows each source computer to send several web pages at once for simultaneous display.

Hiperwall’s new HiperView LED add-on allows Hiperwall to drive every pixel of any LED video wall and eliminate any cropping issues that arise from the mismatch of actual vs. reported display resolutions.

Hiperwall is also bringing flexibility to its licensing. Through HiperFailSafe software and the repositioning of the controller software, users can upgrade a single controller system to a fault tolerant system.

New customers will have the option to buy Hiperwall licenses à la carte and get the optimum configuration for their needs.

Hiperwall software is commonly seen in control rooms.