HEVC Video Quality Delivered From VITEC


VITEC, an encoding and streaming solutions company based in Paris, has unveiled what it calls “the next generation of the industry’s first entirely portable hardware-based HEVC encoder.”

Powered by the new HEVC GEN2 codec, the MGW Ace Encoder provides HEVC video quality of up to 4:2:2 10-bits HEVC encoding.

Broadcast-quality video streams and ultra-low latency are hallmarks of the newest version of the encoder, which features a new interface that allows users to enhance video streams with several pre-configured profiles to match their application.

In addition, the new MGW Ace Encoder features enhanced downscaling encoding resolutions and frame rate down sampling based on the available bandwidth; HEVC-compliant KLV support with the latest MISB standards (JITC compliant) to ensure stream compliance within a Full Motion Video environment; and a Zixi Statistic window for an optimal point-to-point streaming configuration.