HD Radio Alliance launches new ad flight


Beginning this week, the Alliance will launch their new on-air ad campaign, which will continue educating consumers that they need a new receiver to enjoy the HD experience. All of the ads will incorporate the tag, “If you don’t have an HD, you’re not hearing HD. It’s time to upgrade.” This messaging reinforces the need for a radio upgrade in order to hear the digital quality sound and new stations. The campaign spans 100 markets, 700+ stations, and extends broadcasters’ commitment to 42 months.

Additionally, the campaign will direct consumers to www.HDRadio.com to view the station and buyer’s guide. The buyer’s guide has gone through significant improvements, making it easier for consumers to peruse and choose the perfect HD Radio for them. There is now a ‘Buy’ button next to each product that drives visitors to Amazon.com where they can find the specific product they are interested in and see the best prices offered by the variety of participating retailers. And the home page of HDRadio.com will have scrolling ‘MY DEALS’ so consumers can view bargains on receivers at various retailers.