Harold Camping updates his doomsday date selection


Time is running out if you think that this time around, non-com religious radio exec Harold Camping is correct about the end of the world. His most recent prediction, May 21, 2011, didn’t pan out – but he is sticking to his correction and saying it will take place 10/21/11.

Apparently Camping believes that he was correct regarding May 21 – according to a Yahoo article, the “earthquakes” that Camping predicted took place, in his view – but what quaked was mankind quaking with fear. He believes that souls are no longer being saved and that the end of everything will take place within the week.
He says that God accomplished exactly what he wanted in May and that the October event may be a quiet one.

Not long after making his prediction and watching 5/21/11 come and go with no result obvious to most others, Camping was stroke-stricken and has been in recuperation.

He had said at the time that his prediction, in which calculated using the Bible, may have been off and changed his prediction to the October date.

Over the summer Camping’s organization, Family Radio, made changes to its board. But Camping was not one of them – he remains on the roster.

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